Le D├ęsert du Namib : Rosy 57 ans, Londres, Royaume-Uni - Avril 2019

My overall impression of this horse safari was that it was of the highest calibre I have been on… I have been on 3 others in India. The horses were fit, well fed and able to cover the 300-kilometre distance without trouble.
The country side we rode through was a desert terrain, with wild rugged mountains, sand dunes, and miles of sand which made riding exceptional. Any place you have not visited before is interesting. We were all fascinated by how animals and vegetation could flourish in such severe conditions.
Cavaliers du Monde organised our flights which went without a hitch. Transfers, food and lodgings were all organized by the Namibian company, which was faultless.
Andrew, who led our safari, had been put on a horse when he was 9 months old and spent 3 years in the Cavalry in South Africa. He had spent many years in Namibia and had travelled widely to do horse safaris in other African countries. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the animals, terrain, fauna and history of Africa, most, especially Namibia. Most of all, he knew how to make his customers happy. What a handsome, charismatic, generous, laidback, gentle man…you don’t meet many Andrew’s in your life!!!
The horses were born and bred to do these endurance safaris, but to do it, they need the love, attention and discipline by Andrew and his team of 5. If you weren’t happy with your horse for some reason, there were plenty more to choose from. I could find no fault at all with any of the horses, or how they were looked after.

NOTE : 20/20